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Project Torque, also known as Level-R outside North America and HEAT Online for the 2010 North American version, is a multiplayer online racing game (MMORG) with partially chargeable content, or micro-transactions, originally developed by Invictus Games. It features gameplay elements such as tuning and customization. Buy Project Torque Merch Here!

Project Torque Merch

About Project Torque Merch

Project Torque is a multiplayer online racing game (MMORPG) that was first created by Invictus Games. It is also known as Level-R outside of North America and HEAT Online for the 2010 North American edition. It has gameplay components like tuning and customizing. Cross Racing Championship Extreme 2005 served as the basis for the 2006 game Level-R, which was initially created for the Japanese market. With a few small physics and content changes, the Level-R versions were largely the same throughout the world (localized versions were published for China, Russia, Indonesia, and Thailand in addition to Europe and North America). Although none of the versions featured all 64 cars due to licensing,

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Project Torque Merch

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